Positive application ecologic impact

 7 Brief topics

1. Definition

 It consists to contribute to the redution of CO2 emitions.

2. Problem dimension

 On 2022, the wasting of food represents about 2.5% of global emissions in the whole year. According with Bill Gates, if we want to avoid a climate disaster, we must to get neutralized all that emissions and others completly.

 3. Epoch food

 If there is no need to be frozen or coming far away.

 4. Good planing system

 Less travels to the supermarket. It helps to choose what to buy, with that information is possible to reduce the waste (for example). If each kg of produced food is equivalent to x grams of CO2 and there is waste fighting, then it saves CO2 emitions. 

5. Seeing beyond we must be adepts of others solutions

 There still are others solutions (Audrey Tan, 2020), as the first time in the world in Singapura, where beef of chicken is cultured and received approval for sale. 

 6. Take care of the patrimonial

 Take care of common home is to take care of our patrimonial and do not destroy its value, avoiding to lead one day all to doom.

7. Advantage of a courier

Instead of 2 points for each person, your home and supermarket, the courier can to optimize several delivery points and with that to save fuel (impact on your money) and time.

8. Advices

The application gives you some advices in order you to save and to enjoy resources.


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